2018 A New Year! A New Challenge

Teach English in China and overseas with a TESOL Certificate

A new year! A new challenge! A new TESOL Certificate! Why not teach English abroad?

Your TESOL Certificate.

If you want to work in a large city or a small town, you can find a teaching position if you have a TESOL Certificate. Some people have been able to get a teaching job without having a TESOL certificate, but that is not a good idea. Anyone can stand in front of a class and go through the steps of teaching but be taking a TESOL Certificate course will have many advantages. They are among others:

  • Provide you with a broad range of teaching skills.
  • Enable you to be an efficient and successful teacher.
  • Show you how to improve your students’ four language skills
  • Allow you to use technology in the Classroom.
  • Enable you to prepare well-structured lesson plans
  • Enable you to teach using the blended learning methodology.
  • Enable you to adapt activities based on the students’ needs and responses
  • Help you to teach with self-confidence and successfully.
  • Assist you in learning how to create materials for classroom use.
  • Help your students to make significative and self-directed learning with faster progress.
  • Enable you to receive and give well-structured feedback from you and to your students.

Remember that any professional training is the most important investment for your future.

It is ultimately necessary to have a TESOL Certificate and it will mark the difference in your professional background.

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