Looking to get a certificate to teach English, achieve it online and in a short time

Obtaining a certificate to teach English never has been so easy like it is with TESOL Certificate USA.

Obtaining a certificate to teach English has now become much easier and quicker thanks to the company TESOL Certificate USA which counts with a great online learning platform. Through these courses any person who counts on having advanced knowledge of the English language will be able to obtain their certificate to work in whatever part of the world.

Being an English teacher ables you to change the lives of thousands of people where in their daily life it is important or need to count on mastering a second language. But did you know that to become a teacher it is necessary to obtain the TESOL certification since this is one of the requirements worldwide for people looking to perform in the teaching area.

Thanks to this certification it is possible to become a language teacher without having the necessity of studying a bachelor’s degree. But many people ask themselves:

Why is it important to have a certificate to teach English?

The TESOL certification is in charge of demonstrating to any company that offers the teaching of a language that the person is sufficiently prepared to transmit all of the knowledge in the English language, also those who do the course will realize that they can count on good pedagogy which is essential so that the students will achieve apprehension of the language, it is not only to speaking, listening and writing; it is also necessary to transmit the knowledge.

Which are the advantages of the TESOL certification online?

certificate-to-teach-EnglishOne of the biggest advantages of obtaining the tesol certification online is time management. Many times we leave aside our dreams of being professionals because we don’t count on having enough time to study and get certified.

With the online courses all of the students can manage their time depending on need, investing the amount of hours necessary to achieve the existing certifications which are from 60 hours up to 160 and are divided in the following form: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. This way each person gets certified depending on their abilities and English level.

Another advantage which the online certification has is the tutors that are always available to resolve any doubts during the courses, this way the students will always be with the guidance of an expert so this way the student may receive great results at the end of the certification.

You will be able to find more information inside our website www.tesolcertificate.net regarding each one of the levels of certification and the specialized units that will be studied during the courses. Additionally, get to know of our special offers and don’t leave behind your dream of becoming an English teacher, you will be able to teach in any part of the world.



Certificate USA




Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is designed to prepare you for a professional

career in English language teaching.

The TESOL units prepare you about how second languages are learned and what are the most effective ways to teach them. They have a very contextualized structure and are designed in taking into consideration the most recent theories about this art of education.   Theories about teaching and learning of Second Language acquisition will extend your knowledge and will improve your pedagogical practice when teaching English.
You will explore the possible pedagogical implications such as the application of technology to teach online, in a blended learning environment, and using contemporaneous strategies such

as rapid learning, microlearning and mobile learning among others to foster best practices for the second language teaching and learning.

To speak perfect English is not enough, one of the most important qualities of an English teacher is to have a clear and deep knowledge about how to teach the language and to promote in all of their students a real and significative long life of learning, and this only will be a reality when the strategies and methodologies used by the teacher make a positive effect on the students’ learning process.


TESOL Certificate USA, will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to become an excellent English teacher everywhere, every time.


Many countries are looking for qualified and well prepared English teachers that must have experience with pedagogical and didactical knowledge for teaching and added to this, passion and love for teaching.


Get the recognized by the best companies for teaching English around the world by adding to your CV a TESOL Certificate. Study with us and be a part of the most qualified English Teachers in the world.


TESOL Certificate USA, Your TESOL career starts here!

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