160 Hours – Superior
TESOL Course

Superior TESOL Certification course (with tutor support) and videos that provide you with more
advanced, deeper and superior concepts.

120 Hours -
TESOL Course

Advanced TESOL Certification course (with or without tutor support) and videos that provide you with advanced concepts to start your teaching Career successfully.

80 Hours -
Intermediate TESOL Course

Intermediate TESOL training course (with or without tutor support) and videos that provide you with the basic and general concepts to start teaching English.

60 Hours -
Basic TESOL Course

Basic TESOL training
course that provide
you with the basic concepts
to start teaching English
specially for beginners.

"You teach best what you most need to learn."

Richard David Bach, American Writer.

TESOL certificate USA provides you with a wide variety of practical, high - quality online TESOL Courses to suit all personal preferences and learning styles. We also offer TESOL certification courses in Teaching Business English (CTBE) and Teaching English to Children (CTECH). With a combination of our courses and our internationally recognized certification, you will have everything you need to travel and teach English overseas.

Why choose TESOL Certificate USA?

Tutor Support

You can choose to complete our online TESOL courses with or without tutor support. Our highly skilled and experienced online TESOL tutors are available throughout each course to answer questions and to offer feedback and suggestions for future improvement

Hard - Copy and Online Certificate

TESOL Certificate USA provides graduates with an actual high - quality, hard - copy of their certificate with a low cost and a FREE online certificate in pdf format

Job Opportunities

The majority of employers require job
applicants to have at least a 120 - hours
TESOL Certificate. Unlike many other
TESOL course providers.
TESOL Certificate USA provides an ongoing
job database at no additional cost.

See What Students Say About Us!

“The experience of being a student at TESOL Certificate USA has been amazing. The course is designed well, the on-line classes are accessible 24/7, the materials are great and the feedback is excellent. The content from the course is very useful, you can get almost anything you need for your TESOL Career and it even includes tutor support! TESOL Certificate USA helped me complete my TESOL course at an affordable price.”

John Chadwick, USA - TESOL Advanced Student

“After completing the TESOL Basic course, I taught for a few months in a Chinese school in order to gain experience. I was then offered a part-time position to teach in a small language school in the same city, where I have been ever since. Even though I had gained practical experience over the years, I felt the need to develop a sound theoretical background to support me in my role as a teacher. One of my reasons for choosing TESOL Certificate USA was that it was one of the few to offer a TESOL Superior Certificate with tutor support. It was one of my best choices to improve my skills as a TESOL Teacher.”

Mario Castañeda, Colombia - TESOL Intermediate Student

“Studying at TESOL Certificate USA is like a dream come true because it gives me a perfect opportunity to learn exactly what I need to be an Excellent English Teacher. The course is lively and filled with chances to fulfil my goals. The tutors are not only friendly but also experienced so that we can learn from their experience right away. We can gain access to many useful resources and enjoy this extraordinary adventure of learning what we need for our career.
You have to see this as an investment and not as an expense, I recommend TESOL Certificate USA to anyone considering a career in teaching abroad or if you're just interested in teaching online.”

Marie Mondito, USA - TESOL Superior Student