Do you want to be an English Teacher? Obtain your Certification to teach English without studying a degree.

Obtain your certification to teach English and become an English teacher; whit TESOL certificate USA you will find online courses suited for you to have a better future.

Obtain your Certification to teach English With a TESOL certificate done online you will be able to teach English in whatever part of the world! Thanks to this certification your dream of becoming an English language teacher may become a reality in a very short amount of time and depending on your study schedule, for example a teaching degree can be between 4 to 5 years depending on the university program which not only represents an expense in daily time invested but also in Money spent semester to semester (Which varies depending on if the person studies in a public or private university), adding to this the occasional expenses in the exaggerated cost of study materials.

On the other side you will find the online preparation course for TESOL certification, which reduces investment costs in education and you save on study materials since your classes are totally online and with great quality. This type of preparation is realized through courses that are completely pedagogical and with the best strategy so the future teachers will have pedagogical experience and this way they can better develop in a better integral form their activities as language instructors.  

How much does it cost to obtain a TESOL certification? 

The cost depends on the amount of hours chosen by the student, these range from $62 to $87 (current discount) this shows that the investment is low and the learning is completely superior since you will interact with students online from all parts of the world, you will manage your time and you will study through a platform which counts with specialized pedagogical segments for better learning and added preparation for all of our students. When you obtain your certificate to teach English you will have the opportunity to open yourself to the world of teaching, all you need to do is count on having a high level of the English language, having the desire to be a teacher and knowing how to manage study time since with TESOL Certificate USA you will have one of the best certificates worldwide.

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How many hours do the courses take? 

certification to teach englishThe courses are designed according to the necessities and purposes of each person and are from 60 hours to 160 hours long. Get more complete information about the TESOL certification course for teachers of English through our website there not only will you have the opportunity to select the courses but you will also be able to get to know the study plan that you will see during your process of certification. Come to be part of one of the largest international learning communities for English language teachers and with the best prices in the market! Work in what you love, keep yourself updated and certified!

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